UNDER-17: AEGON Future Cup

Come to the AEGON Future Cup!

Ticket sales for the AEGON Future Cup start on Saturday 10 March at 9 am. The international tournament for the Under 17s will be played at the Ajax Academy for the third time over the coming Easter weekend (7, 8 and 9 April). Contenders joining Ajax are the Under 17s for superpowers such as FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Alongside Barça and ManU are Besiktas, Ajax Cape Town, FC Bayern München and AC Milan. The eighth hopeful will come from Brasil. A special qualifying tournament will be held at Desportivo Brasil in São Paulo on the weekend of 17 and 18 March. The teams taking on host Desportivo Brasil in the fight for a ticket to Amsterdam will be Palmeiras (last January they played a friendly against the Ajax Under 19s), Gremio and Fluminense.
Tickets for Ajax’ international youth tournament cost 7,50 Euros. The price for a three day pass to see all the matches is 10 Euros. Children Under 14 have free admittance to the Ajax Academy the entire Easter weekend.


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